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Aeskareion - Plate tectonics and climate

Some of the charts I developed in the latter half of 2017, I changed the planet's name in the meantime. This is an overview of Aeskareion's basic properties. It's impossible to render climate without knowing the distribution of land and sea, and land and sea depend on tectonic activity, among others.
I made a first draft of continental shapes I liked and worked them into the basic laws of Earthly plate tectonics. I got continental drifts, valleys, mountains, sea trenches and oceanic ridges in the process. Next, I put down (also basic) convection cycles, which depend on the brutal axial tilt of around 60 degrees. Precipitation and temperature distributions followed. Ocean currents and a first draft of climate zones (after Koeppen-Geiger) were possible afterwards. Climate in detail is currently in the works.